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Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Mt. Mabilog: Within The Loop // July 9, 2017

A view of Tayak Hill, Mt. Cristobal and Mt. Banahaw
Weeks before this, I was planning to climb Mt. Damas in San Clemente Tarlac.  I already approached some of my friends, who are also interested to climb that mountain.  Then suddenly, I received a message from Memo asking me to join the event of Kae to Mt. Mabilog.  "Sama ka Mt. Mabilog wala akong kainuman".  I initially declined but, he insisted: "ayaw mo talaga ako makasama"..... pa tampo effect ang mokong... cge going na po!!!
It was a fine day.  We started the hike at 5:30 am after a short briefing and morning prayer led by Kae.  In my perception, Mt Mabilog is more on a hill rather than a mountain.  I became overconfident during the climb that at the end, I obtained 7 counts of slips (award: multiple bruises :o).  The way to summit is fair.    We were welcomed by a trail surrounded with fully-grown banana and coconut plants.  Landscape of nearby highlands and lakes can be seen at the top.
Take 5 going to summit
Flat but muddy trail
At the Summit
At the summit with Sarah.  Most parts are covered with overgrown plants
A cow at the summit
McDonald Pose before the descent
Moving down to Lake Pandin

We saw this plant while on our way to the lake.  Our guide mentioned that it is stinky in bloom.  I'm not sure if this is a specie of rafflesia (corpse flower)
Lake Pandin
The lake is alive! We encountered 2 children who caught a wild turtle from it; perhaps this is a suitable marine habitat.  While some participants used the time allotted in taking pictures, others just sat down and simply enjoyed the views.  
Lotus at Lake Pandin
Looking at a great scenery
Before going back to the jump-off
We arrived at the jump-off an hour earlier than the anticipated time.  They were still preparing the foods for the boodle fight, while the rest has nothing more to do.  Memo suggested to split the group.  One will go to the underground cemetery and will proceed to Bunga Falls afterward.  The other will stay at the jump-off and when everything is settle, it will go directly to the falls.  It turned out that except for Memz, all were interested to explore the cemetery.  I remember when this good-looking??? soul told me to just stay at the jump-off.... maginuman nalang daw kami. kaya pala gusto magpaiwan :o.   
Memz. Taken during our outreach at Sitio Pukis, Camiling Tarlac.  Ang pogi nga ni master!  Good-looking nga!!! :o :D :P  
We left the place at around 10:30 am.  Underground Cemetery is located 15 to 20 minutes away from the jump-off.
Underground Cemetery of Nagcarlan

This unique and one of a kind cemetery in the Philippines was built by the Franciscan Missionaries under the management of Fr. Vicente Velloc in 1845, at the same time of reconstruction of the biggest church of St. Bartholomew and the convent.  The leaders of revolution used this as their secret meeting place in 1896.  By virtue of PD 260 in August 1, 1973, that was later amended by administrative order 1505 dated June 11, 1978, this cemetery was declared as a national historical landmark (Source: commemorative plate located outside).

Taking of pictures inside is no longer allowed.  They are actually forbidding the use of camera which has a flash.   When I was already halfway in going down, an eerie feeling came over me.  I immediately went back and just waited them outside (takot kasi ako sa patay inaamin ko na!!!).  
Dentor behind bar
The outside of cemetery
Group picture
Bunga Falls
The small but beautiful Bunga Falls
Boodle fight; moments of great cheers; meaningful conversation with other participants; adrenaline rush for the junkies who dared to dive from the 15 meters high ground (of course! I'm not one of them!); sightseeing; and wading filled our afternoon in this twin falls.  

Photo Blast
Upon our arrival
The Pool
Some foods for the boodle fight
Bubbles nga ba pangalan niya?
Other participants into the deep pool.  
Boodle fight... di ko na nakuhaan yung ayos
Colorful adventure usually happens when the sky is gray...when nature roar and cast a powerful splendid light - JSC (July 2017)
Conceptual Itinerary
2:00 AM: ETD Shaw Boulevard to Laguna
4:00 AM: Arrival Sto. Anghel Jumpoff
4:30 AM: Registration at Brgy. Hall
5:00 AM: Start Hike
8:00 AM: Arrival Summit
8:45 AM: Descent
10:00 AM: Lake Pandin
10:30 AM: Departure Lake Pandin
11:00 AM: Arrival Undergound Cemetery
11:30 AM: Departure Underground Cemetery
12:00 PM: Arrival Bunga Falls
5:00 PM: Departure Bunga Falls
8:00 PM: ETA Shaw Blvd.

Actual Itinerary
2:00 AM: Departure Shaw Boulevard to Laguna
9:00 PM: Arrival Manila (Home Sweet Home)

Event Fee (Organizer)
800 per pax (Kae Lagrimas)

Worth Remembering (Moments and Thoughts to Look Back)
- Lahat ng sponsored na alak ideposit sakin - Kae
- Walang magiinom sa taas! - Kae
- Yung contis ko??? - Sarah
- Yung Contis naging 2 Cadbury
- Pahinging 20 - Cristel and Sarah
- Palipatin niyo yung dalawa dito.... yung pogi - Cristel to Christian at the van before the departure in Shaw (pinilit talaga nilang palipatin si Nath pati yung kasama niya :o  oooops ang daldal ko :P)
- Ayyyyyyyyyy ang gwapoooooo - Memo inside the van
- Gusto mong hotdog? maliit o malaki? (me to memz.  I brought 2 kinds of hotdogs: german frank and the junior size cheesedog)
- Huwag na kayo mag-inom - Kae
- A snake on the tree
- Tignan mo yung loob - Kae at the underground cemetery 
- My first boodle fight
- Sa bundok ko lang pala makikita si crush - Cristel pertaining to.... alam na this!
- Umayos ka! - Memz to me in the cottage (hmmm bakit nga ba ulit? :P)
- Hmmm... Lambanog + Alfonso =   I just lost my eyeglasses and series of slips occurred (ouch ouch ouch)
- I thought that I also lost my trekking pants.  Memo pm me the next day that he got it when they check the place before leaving
- This was a relaxing day; but, I was surprise that there were some participants who did not able to go to work the next day (including me! :P)

Photo Credit to the owners

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